The Recruiter’s Coach provides experience and real-world insights to help you build a better recruiting business.

Recruiting industry coaching and advisory consultants.

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Staffing and Recruiting Firm Success. 

We help owners and leaders of recruiting firms take your business to the next level.

Whether you are an established recruiting firm looking to reinvent, reenergize and regenerate your business, or you're early-stage and looking to get to the next level, we can help you accomplish your goals. We bring a proven approach that’s customized to your individual needs.

Here are two common problems you face:

  1. You’re so busy working in your business that you rarely take enough time to work on your business.
  2. Nobody has all the answers or is good at everything.

Recruiting Firm Coaching and Advisory - The most successful recruiting firm owners & leaders don’t succeed on their own.

Recruiting Industry Coaching and Advisory Services

The top 2-3% of recruiting industry owners and leaders utilize trusted advisors. Sometimes they refer to these people as recruiting coaches, advisors, or mentors. Regardless of the titles, they've learned to value outside experience and perspectives to help them set and achieve the right goals. Goals that really matter rather than goals that are just a repeat of past history.

The most successful recruiting firms consider having a "recruiting coach" to be a normal part of the process, just as it is for athletes and entertainers. Can you imagine athletes and entertainers trying to succeed without coaches? Why would you? 

One-on-One Recruiting Industry Coaching and Advisory

Solve your toughest problems with custom tailored guidance, mentoring and training solutions to accelerate your business.  Learn more  

The Many Ways The Recruiter’s Coach Can Help Your Firm

Identify and Correct Business Development Issues

You want an ongoing inflow of quality prospects who value your firm and what you do for them. You don’t want to be treated like a commodity. You don’t want to lose time, money, and confidence due to ineffective business development practices.

Knowing the most effective business development strategies for recruiting firms and customizing them to fit your specific audience is a core element of The Recruiter's Coach approach. Getting the client side of your business is essential if you wish to grow and prosper to become a Client Rich Recruiting Firm! 

Optimize Your Sales Processes

As a recruiting business owner, you know the most successful recruiting firms have the best sales processes. A quality sales process will help you :

  • Stop losing clients you could have landed if your sales process didn't derail your efforts. This way, you bring in more of the high-quality clients you want instead of the subpar ones.
  • Close business that’s focused on exclusives and retainers rather than being pushed into the commodity bucket.

Target and Maximize in the Most Appropriate Niche/s

Some types of people, occupations, or industries will resonate with you and your message. Some won’t. If you grind away with those who don’t resonate with you, you’ll diminish your value, revenue, and confidence. The Recruiter's Coach advisory, mentoring, guidance, training, and coaching solutions include:

  • Increase your confidence and job satisfaction by working with people who value and appreciate you
  • Increase your fill-ratios and fees due to greater ease in selling exclusives and retainers
  • Gain a competitive edge to make everything you want to do more profitable and easier
  • Pinpoint marketing issues that are keeping you from attracting your ideal clients. Receive referrals to appropriate marketing experts who specialize in the recruiting industry.

Candidate Recruiting Issues

Your clients expect you to deliver on your promises consistently. The most successful techniques today may stop working tomorrow. You need to keep adapting to changes to keep producing quality results! The Recruiter's Coach will help you:

  • Implement optimal ways to source candidates so you don’t get stuck in outdated strategies, tactics, and technologies.
  • Utilize highly effective candidate outreach strategies that attract the interest of more qualified candidates who want to interview for your opportunities.
  • Upgrade your candidate interview process to quickly capture the most important information while enhancing your trust and credibility. This way, your candidates are more open to your influence and gladly refer quality candidates to you for more placements.
  • Utilize highly effective candidate management practices. You want to close the highest percentage of offers and reduce counter-offer acceptance. You also want your candidates to give you great referrals and introductions to new clients and candidates because of your professionalism.

Scaling Issues

Scaling effectively is difficult. Most firms have their hopes crushed by the realities of what scaling requires. you need a recruiting coach who will help you in the following areas:

  • Processes: Customize and implement proven processes to execute every aspect of your business effectively and efficiently. These processes become the infrastructure that does the “heavy lifting” so that you can scale wisely.
  • Technologies: Get an objective view of which technologies will help you implement the processes you need with the least amount of wasted time, money, and effort.
  • People: Utilize proven processes to hire the right people rather than “hire and hope.” Onboard and train them without being overly burdened and distracted from your other responsibilities.
  • Leadership & Management: Leadership and management are two very different things. Most owners struggle in one or both of these. Identify your specific challenges and get the support you need to grow and develop so that you can scale.

Other Common Issues

Other issues can take your attention and cost you time, money, and frustration. The Recruiter's Coach will help you in the following areas:

  • Balancing strategic vs. tactical issues. Get the professional guidance to help you balance what needs to be done today with what will create greater success in the future
  • Limited view of your recruitng business. You have a 180-degree view (the inside view). I have a 180-degree view (the outside view) that’s enhanced by knowing what the most successful firms do and don’t do. Combine these two views so that you can see 360 degrees. This is a game-changer!
  • The details that you must handle. Receive the coaching, advice, guidance and tools you need to take care of things that can distract and frustrate you. This includes accounting/payroll, compensation plans, commissions, legal, insurances & administrative help.
  • Lacking a qualified “sounding board.” The most successful recruiting company leaders know the importance of having an objective and confidential third party to discuss their biggest challenges. They don’t fly solo.

Meet Brad Wolff

Founder & Managing Partner, The Recruiter’s Coach

Brad helps owners and leaders of recruiting firms make more money with less stress. Brad worked in the recruiting industry for 25 years. The last 15 as the founder of 2 successful firms. He’s walked in your shoes and sat in your seat.

Brad’s learned from the mistakes of himself and others. His ongoing work with recruiting firm owners creates an expanding wellspring of knowledge and insight to help them grow faster and smarter. Every day he gets to see what does and doesn’t work.

Brad’s proven approach as a recruiting coach and advisor takes a 360-degree view of your business to identify the specific issues holding it back from what you want it to be. By correcting your weaknesses and building on your strengths, he helps you turn your hopes, wishes, and dreams into your reality.

Reasons that people come to The Recruiter's Coach for recruiting firm consulting

Owners of small/mid-sized recruitment firms face an extremely challenging environment that includes:

  • Outside pressures to commoditize your work and lower your fill-ratios, fees and margins
  • Client created challenges like filling their own jobs, using multiple competitors, unresponsiveness, closing jobs after you produce, etc. 
  • Changes in supply and demand for the people you place
  • Internal employee challenges which include bad hires, high turnover and low productivity/ engagement
  • Difficult questions on topics such as new areas of specialization, new offerings, additional locations, etc. 

So why do most struggle while some rise to the top of the industry? The most successful owners/leaders turn their problems into “growth fuel” to improve. Instead of wishing things were easier, they choose to get better!

They choose to develop themselves and their people rather than just improving processes and technology.  Since processes and technology don’t select, develop and operate themselves, their effectiveness is dependent upon people’s effectiveness.

  • Processes: This includes sales/marketing, recruiting/sourcing, client & candidate relations, competitive strategy, business decisions, finance & accounting, etc.
  • Technology: This includes selecting appropriate technology and increasing people’s proficiency in utilization
  • People: This includes hiring, onboarding, training, development and day-to-day management. The people side of the business is the most complex and challenging part for the following reasons:
  • Hiring the right recruitment professionals who are likely to are likely to succeed is very difficult. You need an objective, repeatable, approach that sets you up to make consistent, quality hires.
  • Onboarding, training, and development that’s highly-effective and not too burdensome is hard. You need efficient & effective processes that does the heavy lifting for you!
  • Providing leadership and management that brings out the best in yourself and tough. Leadership & management are two different things. Few people are good at both. You need to capitalize on what you do well and develop in your weaker areas.

Before Working with The Recruiter's Coach

After Working with The Recruiter's Coach

You're tired of being treated like an expendable commodity
You stand out from your competitors to get retained recruiting and exclusive recruiting business from high quality clients
Your fill-ratios are too low which costs you time, money, frustration and dissatisfied clients.
You fill the majority of your jobs resulting in loyal clients with repeat business and quality client referrals.
You're plagued with low performing, high turnover recruiting staff who damage relationships and cost you money.
You hire, train & develop high-performing, recruiting staff who positively impact your organization and clients.
You have an unsteady flow of quality prospects which compels you to “chase and accept” subpar clients
You have a steady flow of quality clients that allow you to be selective in who you work with
You and your staff are dealing with  stress and burnout from “the grind” of the business
You and your people are energized because you regularly fill quality business while avoiding constant overwhelm and frustration

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