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Dramatically improve your productivity to fill more jobs with less stress and frustration.


  • Feel satisfied and accomplished because you made progress on the things that matter most.
  • Improve your results and income as you harness more of your potential.
  • Reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm to improve your productivity and quality of life.

You may be wondering if you're a good fit.

This course is right for you if you meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • You’re a recruiting industry professional (or leader) involved in either candidate recruiting, business development/account management, or both.
  • You have the basic skills, knowledge, and technologies you need to be effective in your job.
  • You have a sincere desire to improve your productivity and results.
  • You’re willing to invest time, money, and effort into improving your ability to convert your time and effort into tangible results!

Plain and Simple:

The Productive Recruiter Academy Changes Lives and it’s Officially Open for Enrollment


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By the end of this program,

you will have…


  1. Learned the foundational pillars of high productivity and implemented simple practices to improve your energy, focus, follow-through, and attitude. This sets you up for daily success.
  2. Implemented principles and practices to upgrade your productivity so you accomplish more with less stress and more satisfaction.
  3. Put everything you learned together to make high productivity your normal daily habit over the weeks, months, and years.
  4. Transformed your relationship with time and work to accomplish your goals faster and with less stress and frustration.

"Brad is an incredible and highly knowledgeable recruiting coach. I run the delivery side of the business, and the changes he’s helped me make have greatly improved my productivity. I can now do more in less time, which gives me more space to work more roles. He also goes above and beyond consistently. There has been no greater ROI for my business than working with Brad."

Kate Dorsey, Partner with Tech Sales Talent

"Brad helped me understand that I was no different than a lot of other people… I had certain habits that were not good. He helped me get back to productive habits to focus on what leads to my business success. I now have a vision for where my business can be and the steps to get there."

Pete Broderick, President of Vector Search Group

"Brad’s coaching has had a major impact on my productivity. He’s helped me analyze my workflow, develop a daily game plan and helped me develop accountability for my outcomes. This has resulted in continuous SMART growth. His wisdom, insight, and kick-in-the-pants humor will get you there to transform your results."

Julie Fanburg, Founder of Nerd Up

"Brad has helped us as we continue to grow and scale our recruiting firm. We've received a lot of benefits from working with Brad. We’ve learned that productivity is not about the number of hours a day that you work but how efficient you are in those hours. He's taught us to reflect and, come up with a daily plan, and navigate that path to achieve our goals. Overall, he’s been really helpful with the guidance that’s needed to succeed."

Janel McNeal, Partner at McNeal & Payne Talent
Let’s Get Started

Course Breakdown

Module 1

The Four Foundational Pillars of Recruiter Productivity

Sustainable productivity is like a building…it’s only as strong as its foundation. In this module, you’ll learn simple principles and practices that provide the support you need to sustain high productivity that’s both enjoyable and satisfying for you.

Module 1 Highlights:

  • Optimize your Health & Well-being to improve your energy and mental clarity so you can function at your best.
  • Develop high productivity habits that make it easier for you to get more done with less time and effort.
  • Adopt high-productivity mindsets and beliefs to replace the inaccurate ones that hold you back from who you can be.
  • Create and sustain a healthy motivation level to make high productivity more enjoyable and satisfying.
Module 2

The Principles & Practices Of Highly Productive Recruiters

The most productive recruiters do things differently. In this module, you’ll learn the specific principles and practices that create high recruiter productivity so they become part of your daily routine.

Module 2 Highlights:

  • Create clarity to see your path to success so you know where to invest your time to get the best results and prevent overwhelm.
  • Set goals to keep you progressing on the activities that lead to your success rather than getting lost in time wasters.
  • Track your progress to make your goals achievable rather than going through the motions and hoping things work out.
  • Prioritize what’s most important to know what to do and when to do it since your time and energy are always limited.
  • Simplify and organize to increase your speed and efficiency while minimizing overwhelm, distractions, and frustration.
  • Optimize your focus and attention since high-quality, productive work that leads to your success depends on it.
  • Manage the ups and downs of the business so that you effectively weather the storms that can knock off your game.
  • Do more work in your “genius zone,” so you put greater emphasis on your strengths and less on your weaknesses for greater productivity and satisfaction.
Module 3

Putting it all together: How To Create A Productive Recruiter Day

Your success comes down to what you do on a daily basis. You’ll apply what you’ve learned in modules 1 & 2 to consistently create Productive Recruiter days that turn into weeks, months, and years.

Module 3 Highlights:

  • Start your day off right to build the momentum and confidence that leads to productive, satisfying, and enjoyable days.
  • Design a productive day to provide the clear, simple direction you need for high productivity with less stress and overwhelm.
  • Set your environment up for success to make it easy for you to be at your best consistently.
  • Execute a productive day by following through on your most important tasks that lead to high productivity and success.
  • Use reflection to learn from what did and didn’t go well to continuously improve your results and job satisfaction.

Bonus 1:

The Procrastination Cure

$375 Value

This bonus will help you address a productivity pitfall that affects all of us to some degree- Procrastination! Many people are stuck in procrastination habits that kill their productivity and rob them of self-worth and confidence. The more you procrastinate, the more it will become your norm.

Living in this world of avoidance is painful and costly! The Procrastination Cure addresses the root causes of procrastination (which is not laziness) rather than treating the symptoms. Now, you choose action instead of avoiding your most important tasks. This way, you’ll achieve the productivity, self-worth, and self-confidence that you desire.

What You’ll Get:

  • Learn what actually causes procrastination so you can let go of the myths that keep you stuck in it.
  • Change what you tell yourself when faced with tasks you want to avoid. This reduces your resistance to taking action.
  • Identify the hidden concerns causing you to procrastinate so that you can address them head-on.
  • Utilize solutions to the specific concerns causing you to procrastinate. These solutions lead to the action and results you desire.
  • Learn how to prevent procrastination despite the natural tendency to return to your old habits.

Bonus 2:

Three bi-weekly Group Coaching sessions

$475 Value

What You’ll Get:

  • Ask questions and get practical advice to overcome your productivity challenges and obstacles.
  • Receive additional support, encouragement, and accountability to keep you progressing to the finish line.
  • Learn from what other people are doing to improve their productivity
I’m Ready To Start

Inside The Productive Recruiter Academy alone, you get


• 3 Modules and 17 lessons

To segment and simplify the different aspects of recruiter productivity to make it easy to understand and apply. This way, you take action on bite-sized pieces without getting overwhelmed.

• Each lesson is structured into principles and practices

The principles help you understand the relevant concepts. The practices give you specific guidance on how to apply the principles.

• Each lesson has a downloadable “progress sheet”

To summarize the lesson and provide you with specific activities to make it easy to put the practices into action right away. This way, you develop the new productivity habits you desire.

• Simple, proven productivity-enhancing tools

To help you apply the training without needing to recreate the wheel yourself.


The basic course gives you over $1,750 in value.


When you add the bonuses to help you overcome procrastination and the bonus of coaching support to address any challenge, that’s a total value of $2,600.



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Course Guarantee

Put it into perspective: A very moderate increase in your productivity could easily result in a few more placements per year. What is that worth to you in dollars?

Money-back guarantee:

You have seven (7) days to review the entire course, and if you’re not satisfied, then you will receive a full refund. This provides you with ample time to review the quality and usability of the content.

You will receive: Three live group video coaching sessions over six weeks to get answers to your questions and to learn from what other recruiting industry professionals are doing to increase their productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking, “This sounds good, but I’m still not sure, keep reading

You should give The Productive Recruiter Academy a 7-day risk-free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following:

  1. You know you can do better and are tired of leaving your potential on the table.
    Even though you know you can do better and tell yourself you will, your current knowledge, skills, and habits will keep you stuck where you are indefinitely. Deep down, you know nothing will change until you get some outside help and perspective.
  2. You’re not afraid to put in some work.
    You’re a mature adult. You know that getting better at anything requires an investment of time, money, and effort. There’s no shortcut to success. You also want a proven, step-by-step approach since figuring it all out on your own would require a ton more time, money, and effort.
  3. You realize there’s no perfect time and know that waiting to improve in something that really matters doesn’t make sense.
    This doesn’t mean you take this decision lightly. It does mean that you’re aware that putting off what will help you ends up hurting you. In truth, the best time to realize your potential is now. When you look at a map of Earth, "Someday Isle" is not the tropical paradise we imagine it to be.

This course is not a quick-fix magic solution to your productivity problems.

However, it is a powerful and practical roadmap built on proven high-productivity fundamentals customized for the recruiting industry. It’s designed to be easy for you to implement to continuously improve your results. The most productive recruiters are also the most successful, satisfied, and well-paid.

In my 30+ years in the recruiting industry, I’ve seen and experienced many productivity pitfalls and roadblocks that recruiters face. You face constant distractions, direction shifts, overwhelming work demands, and emotional ups and downs. And these challenges are here to stay.

This course is designed for the unique challenges of the recruiting industry and provides clear, specific solutions that you can implement right away.

You have two choices. You can either wish things get easier or choose to get better. The Productive Recruiter Academy is for those who choose to get better! If you choose to get better, you have two choices…figure it out yourself or get help from someone specializing in your challenges.

The Productive Recruiter Academy is for people who want to fast-track their productivity improvement with a risk-free guarantee to ensure that the content quality meets your standards.

I look forward to showing you how to improve your productivity, success, and income!

All my best,


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