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Optimize your Operating Processes Success Sheets

  • You are ready to work smarter, not harder. But where do you begin?
  • How do you fix your current problems and prevent future ones?

The answer is simple: Optimize your operating processes. Below is a practical tool to help you clearly identify where your operating processes are working well – and where they are not. Download your free success sheet (one for Firms with Teams and one for Solopreneurs) to make more money with less stress!

Optimize your Operating Processes Success Sheet For Firms With Teams

Download PDF (1.04MB)

Optimize your Operating Processes Success Sheet For Solopreneurs

Download PDF (1.04MB)

The Recruiters Guide To Move From Contingency to Retained

  • How do you go from commodity to trusted advisor in the eyes of your prospects and clients?
  • What changes will enable you to fill the vast majority of your job orders?
  • How do you stop losing money when working on your clients’ behalf?

The most successful recruiting firms don’t play the “contingency commodity game? Learn how you  can move from contingency recruiting to retained search. Increase your ROI while decreasing your frustration with the business.

Download PDF (5.1MB)

How To Be Successful With Overseas Sourcers Roadmap

  • How do you increase recruiting bandwidth while maintaining high quality?
  • When will you stop wasting money on a task that lower-cost resources should do?
  • Ready to stop “wearing out” people who aren’t wired to do a lot of repetitive, detail-oriented work?
Download PDF (0.9MB)

Maximum Leadership and Management

  • How can you boost engagement and productivity?
  • How do you inspire and teach your people to take personal ownership of their results?
  • Do your people consistently achieve or exceed their goals?

These are leadership and management questions. Download your free checklist to start improving your results.

Download PDF (2.3MB)

Staffing & Recruiting Firm Health Checklist

  • Do you ever feel like a commodity?
  • How can you develop more new business?
  • How do you improve your fill ratios?

These are staffing & recruiting firm health issues. Download a free checklist to unleash your firm’s success potential.

Download PDF (1.21MB)

15 Hacks To Be A Highly Productive Recruiter

Productivity in the recruiting industry is not about working hard and being busy. It’s about filling more jobs with less stress and greater job satisfaction.

Download PDF (1.34MB)

Quality Tools For The Recruiting Industry

Every profession, from Physicians to Plumbers, relies on “tools of the trade” " to succeed. Why would the recruiting industry be any different? The quality of your tools impacts your efficiency, effectiveness, and stress level.

The tools I recommend are based on what matters most to me: Feedback I’ve received over the years from my clients. I hope these suggestions work out well for you.


Recruiter Flow is an all-in-one ATS to manage recruitment agencies' CRM and hiring process. With Recruiterflow, you can manage & maintain your candidate and client pipeline, post jobs across multiple job boards and track candidates, write personalized, well-crafted email sequences, deliver candidate experience without extra effort, and get a detailed insight about the performance of your team and recruiting effort.

Expandi is the safest and most effective LinkedIn automation tool on the market. It lets you connect with and message your LinkedIn prospects using smart, automated sequences. That’s why people trust Expandi as the #1 LinkedIn automation software for successful LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

Interseller is the leading email marketing software that’s specifically designed for the recruiting industry. You can set customized email sequences to a large list of contacts to maximize the odds of being delivered into their inbox safely. Interseller also tracks important metrics such as opens, clicks, and replies.

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