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Worksheets and Checklists

Optimize your Operating Processes Worksheet

  • You are ready to work smarter, not harder. But where do you begin?
  • How do you fix – or better yet – prevent your current problems?
  • There is a clear path to do all this and even add more high-quality, clients with exclusive searches!

The answer is simple: Optimize your operating processes. I’ve developed a powerful tool to help you clearly identify where your operating processes are working well – and where they are not. Download your free checklist to create now, so you can make more money with less stress – today!

Download PDF (3.1MB)

Maximum Leadership and Management

  • How can you boost engagement and productivity?
  • How do you inspire and teach your people to take personal ownership of their results?
  • Do your people consistently achieve or exceed their goals?

These are leadership and management questions. Download your free checklist to start improving your results.

Download PDF (2.3MB)

Staffing & Recruiting Health Checklist

  • Do you ever feel like a commodity?
  • How can you develop more new business?
  • How do you improve your fill ratios?

These are staffing & recruiting firm health issues. Download a free checklist to unleash your firm’s success potential.

Download PDF (1.9MB)

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