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It starts with a comprehensive, 360º view of your organization.

As a recruiting industry leader or business owner, you know that most problem-solving efforts at your recruiting firm address the symptoms, not the root causes of your problems. You’ll never solve your problems by addressing the symptoms. If you’re constantly “fighting fires and slaying dragons,” you’re stuck in treating symptoms. That’s when our experience and knowledge as recruiting company coaching specialists can help.


What are typical problems The Recruiter’s Coach can help?

  • Subpar revenue & profits
  • Inability to scale
  • Lack of client exclusivity & retainers
  • Lack of quality clients
  • Poor inflow of quality prospects
  • Poor fill-ratios
  • Employees not working out well
  • Inefficient/ineffective processes
  • High levels of stress and frustration

Why is a comprehensive, 360º view so important?

You have a 180º (inside view) of your recruiting company. We bring the missing 180º (outside view) to your firm and business. Our view's enhanced by knowing what the most successful recruiting firms do that others don’t. By combining these two views, we see the full 360º together. This is a game-changer!



The reality that the most successful recruiting business owners know:

Your experiences and habits keep you locked into ways of thinking and doing things. As a result, you don’t see better options and are likely to remain stuck indefinitely unless you gain access to new information & energy.

The Recruiter's Coach provides firm owners and leaders with proven recruiting coach & advisory solutions to renew, reenergize, and rejuvenate you and your firm now.


What’s different about working with The Recruiter’s Coach

Most recruiting coaches & advisors who work with Recruiting Firms put their clients into a group setting with limited personal interaction with them. The reason? One-on-one interaction isn’t scalable.

There is value in group settings that comes from giving and receiving peer input (see Mastermind Groups). However, it’s not the best mode if you have the following goals:

  • You want the quickest, most efficient way to meet your objectives
  • Your challenges require a concentrated, in-depth focus to solve
  • You want recruiting industry best practices and recruiter training customized specifically to you
  • You want personal and private communications that are devoted to you alone 

There’s simply no substitute for working in a private, one-on-one setting for these situations. Most people who attend “group only” programs don’t implement many of the concepts intended to implement. In the end, it’s not what you know or intend, it’s what you actually do that really matters.

The Recruiter’s Coach 4-Step Process:

1. Clarity

  • Identify most pressing problems and their impact on you and your business
  • Your desired outcomes and their impact on you and your business
  • Specific, simple, measurable goals you’d like to achieve in our work together

2. Discovery

  • Take a 360 degree view of your business processes
  • Obtain objective data on what is and isn’t working well for you

3. Prioritization

  • Address your issues in the proper order for maximum impact and efficiency
  • Create a clear and concise focus on what to do to avoid the overwhelm of “too many things”

4. Execution

  • Implement proven processes, tools and solutions customized for your needs
  • Review results of efforts to identify what is and isn’t working well
  • Make appropriate adjustments to approach to improve results
  • Continue above process to reach desired outcomes

Our work together provides you with

  • An environment of guidance, wisdom, encouragement, accountability, and fun
  • Access to outside resources and tools proven effective with your peers
  • Development and success beyond your current capacity faster and easier than you ever would on your own

More than 85% of new clients continue working with Brad after completion of the initially intended period of work due to meeting or exceeding expected results.

The Benefits of Recruiting Business Coaching 1-on-1 with Brad

The challenges you’re facing in your recruiting business may feel unique to you; however, they’re not new to me.

They fall into categories that I’ve addressed many times as a former recruiter firm owner and as a coach and advisor. It’s not whether you can solve your problems yourself over an extended period of time. It’s whether that’s the wisest way to do it.

  • Processes, tools, best-practices, and solutions developed from over 28+ years of industry experience.
  • Personal experience starting and building two successful recruiting firms and working at two leading national firms.
  • Ongoing experience seeing what works and doesn’t work with many other recruiting business owners like yourself.
  • A trusted advisor and sounding board to wisely address your most difficult challenges.
  • A person who personally cares and is committed to helping you meet your goals.
  • Referrals to a competent network of recruiting industry specialists to help you upgrade your marketing, and technology when appropriate.

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