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Brad Wolff, Founder & Managing Partner, The Recruiter’s Coach

Meet Brad Wolff

Founder & Managing Partner, The Recruiter’s Coach

Brad helps owners of small/mid-sized recruiting firms make more money with less stress. Brad worked in the recruiting industry for 25 years; the last 15 as the founder of 2 successful firms. He’s walked in your shoes and sat in your seat.

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We Help Your Recruiting Business Grow in Two Ways

Recruiting Firm Coaching + Advice + Guidance + Mentoring + Consulting

Our proven approach gives you access to specific processes the top 3% of recruiting firms know that the others don’t. These industry best-practices are customized to personally fit you and your unique situation.

Recruiting Firm Advice and Coaching Solutions include:

  • Guidance
  • Mentoring
  • Consulting
  • Instruction
  • Direction
  • Training

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Mastermind Groups

Join an exclusive group of “peer advisors” dedicated to growing their recruiting practice by learning to become more efficient, focused, and strategic with running their business.

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The Right

Process +

The Right

Technology +

The Right

People =

Recruiting Firm Success.

The Recruiter’s Coach’s mission is to mentor and give guidance to owners of small-mid-sized Recruiting firms in making more money with less stress by addressing all the factors of success (processes, technology and people).  No more neglecting one area at the expense of the others.

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Podcast Interviews Featuring Brad Wolff

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Judd Borakove

Partner, Red Monkey Consulting

My name is Judd Borakove. I am Partner at Red Monkey Consulting. Brad is our coach and he’s helping us to scale our recruiting firm. Working with Brad’s been great. We have been able to scale, improve our hiring process, improve our time to fill, everything you could ever ask for really… it’s been great!

Nicole Magaddino

President of Propel Recruitment

I’m Nicole Magaddino and I am the founder, President of Propel Recruitment out here in the San Francisco Bay area. Brad and I have been working together for a little over a year. He is my coach and advisor business owner to business owner in the recruitment field.

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