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Most recruiting firms operate well below their productive capacity. This can easily cost your firm $200,000 + per year/ recruiter in lost revenue!

Yet, year after year, firms continue to repeat the same mistakes and waste time, money, and resources. What do your productivity issues cost your firm each year?


What does it mean to be a productive recruiter?

The traditional definition of productivity is the "volume of output produced." In other words, how much work gets done. This definition is inadequate because it doesn’t consider the quality and usefulness of the output produced. Here are some examples of busy recruiters who are not productive recruiters.

  • Interviewing candidates who don’t fit your jobs and aren’t marketable.
  • Bringing in and working on low-quality job orders.
  • Spending excessive time on email activities

But, who cares how busy you are if your busyness doesn’t lead to your success? A more accurate definition of recruiting firm productivity is the volume of output that helps your firm achieve its goals.

Why are productivity challenges so common?

 Like most things in life, it’s usually not due to just one cause but a combination of causes working together. Below are the two major factors that lead to poor recruitment firm productivity:

  1. Recruiting industry is more difficult than most other industries due to:
    • Constant interruptions and “fires to put out”
    • Sudden shifts in direction due to decisions on the part of your clients and candidates
    • Heavy usage of tools such as email and social media can distract you away from high-productivity activities
    • Productivity tools that are not designed to deal with the specific nuances of the recruiting industry
  1. Universal challenges that impact people in general regardless of industry:
    • Habits of distraction rob you of the consistent focus and effort required for high productivity. 
    • Habits that diminish your overall health & well-being. This directly impacts your energy, focus, thinking, decision-making, and emotional state.
    • Habits that reduce your motivation level.  Sustaining a high motivation level is necessary to weather the ups and downs of the recruiting business.

When considering the above factors, is it any wonder that most recruiters function far below their potential? The bad news is that you and your team will continue to operate well below your potential unless you learn new productivity-enhancing habits.

The good news is that The Recruiter’s Coach offers practical solutions to fix your productivity challenges. These solutions have been developed and customized specifically for the unique challenges of the recruitment industry. By implementing these best practices, your productivity will soar, and you’ll make more money with less stress!

The Recruiter’s Coach delivers the following productivity solutions and outcomes:

Productivity Solutions

Outcomes of Each Solution

Quality tools and techniques customized to the recruiting industry.
Execute more tasks that drive revenue and growth with less time invested.
Identify and address the habits that diminish your health & well-being.
Improved energy, focus, thinking, and decision-making while lowering stress.
Identify and address habits that diminish your level of motivation.
Increased level of motivation even during very difficult periods.

Why most attempts to increase productivity fail?

Most people try to increase recruiter productivity via tools and techniques only to find that the same issues continue to resurface. 

That’s because productivity issues are rarely caused by one thing in isolation. To solve productivity issues in recruiting firms, you must incorporate a holistic approach.

This means considering each piece of the productivity puzzle mentioned above and addressing them with industry-proven remedies.

The following formula describes a holistic approach to high productivity:

Health & well-being + motivation + tools and techniques = High level of sustainable productivity.

The Recruiter’s Coach has developed a holistic productivity-enhancing methodology for the recruitment industry called “The Productive Recruiting Firm.” 

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Common symptoms of productivity challenges before working with The Recruiter’s Coach:

  • You’re consistently frustrated by missing your revenue and profitability goals.
  • You struggle to maintain your energy and motivation level, which drives you to seek relief via distracting behaviors.
  • You keep procrastinating on important things and feel horrible about it.
  • You jump from task to task without getting much done.
  • You get lost in distractions and fail to do the things that matter most.
  • You feel overwhelmed by a long  “to-do” list and aren’t sure where to even start.
  • You end work exhausted and frustrated, knowing you did not make enough progress.

Common results of productivity solutions after working with The Recruiter’s Coach:

  • You’re excited and satisfied by consistently meeting or exceeding your revenue goals.
  • Your energy and motivation levels are high; when they drop, you know how to return them to a healthy level quickly.
  • You regularly follow through on your most important tasks, increasing your satisfaction and confidence.
  • You focus on one thing at a time to accomplish your most important tasks.
  • When you get distracted, you quickly reorient yourself back on task to keep productivity high.
  • You feel relaxed and confident, even when there is much to be done, by using a simple and effective method of planning your day.
  • You end work satisfied and motivated, knowing you made meaningful progress toward your goals.

Becoming a productive recruiting firm is a key step in how to scale a recruitment business. Failure to emphasize this recruitment industry best practice, will produce disappointing results!

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