How To Boost Recruiting Firm Success

recruiting recruitment staffing May 03, 2022

As a coach and advisor to recruiting firm owners and leaders, I've learned alot about what causes success and failure in the recruiting business. Here are two of the most important things I’ve learned:

  1. The most successful 2-3% of firms do things differently than the rest.
  2. When you do these same things, you’ll achieve similar outcomes.

One of the key attributes of the most successful business owners and leaders is that they deliberately create opportunities to get energy and information from outside of their firms. They know that if they stay inside their own minds or only listen to the “echo chamber” of their internal teams, they’ll sacrifice this important asset. Unfortunately, there’s a ton of outside energy and information that’s not useful and even harmful to your success. 

For example, you can walk down the street and find plenty of outside viewpoints from people who know nothing about the recruiting industry. This could have some value on occasion but is usually worth what you paid for it. That’s why the most successful firms want input from people who understand the recruiting industry. These different viewpoints, perspectives, and experiences have an enriching and inspiring effect. And since it’s often lonely at the top, it’s nice to enjoy the camaraderie of other high-caliber people like yourself to talk to.

When you combine the input of people who understand your issues, you can solve problems with greater ease and effectiveness. You boost your intelligence and creativity through what is known as the “mastermind effect”. This benefit can occur when multiple minds join together to form a mastermind that’s greater than the sum of its parts.


Large organizations deliberately set up the mastermind effect

The CEOs of larger companies have peer advisory groups that are known as their “board of directors.” Most mid-sized company CEOs have their version that they usually call their “board of advisors.” Why don't most small/mid-sized recruiting firms don’t do the same?

What if you could conveniently meet with non-competitor peers to help each other clear the obstacles to your success? What if you could connect with people who understood your challenges and could support you through the ups and downs of your daily world? 

Mastermind/peer advisory groups for small businesses exist because people who want a competitive edge know the value of being able to see outside of their own limited perspectives. Years ago, I joined a well-known national peer advisory group for this reason. However, since nobody in the group had recruitment industry experience, most of the advice wasn’t applicable. I wished I had access to a group of peers who were not my competitors!


The Truth of Firm Ownership

It’s not easy to be a growing, successful recruiting firm owner. You’re constantly dealing with challenges that are difficult to solve and stressful. The chances are that other people like yourself have dealt with similar challenges and can share wisdom about how to overcome similar obstacles. Also, one idea leads to another; suddenly, a great solution pops into your mind that you never thought of before. That’s what regularly happens when you are in a well-run group. It’s nice to be able to do the same thing for others as well.

In summary, difficult challenges can steal your focus and disrupt your momentum. Frustration, stress, lost revenue, and business failure can result if you don’t solve them promptly and effectively. You may want to get real-time, practical advice to help you take action and solve these problems now. You may like the idea of having a safe environment of non-competitor, recruitment industry peers whom you get to know and trust.

This is why created The Recruiter’s Coach Mastermind groups: Recruiter's Coach Mastermind Groups. If this is something you’d like to learn more about, please book a time to chat further.

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