Some Practical Ways To Increase Recruiter Productivity

recruiting recruitment staffing Feb 07, 2024

The recruiting industry is one of the hardest fields to achieve high productivity consistently. Why do I say that? Because in my 30+ years as a recruiter, firm owner, and advisor/coach I've seen ongoing struggles with myself and others.

This was not as much the case when I worked in other fields. So, why is recruiting industry productivity so difficult? Thanks for asking; that's a good question. Below are some specific challenges that contribute to this persistent challenge:

Very interrupt-driven. Clients, candidates, and coworkers frequently ask for your attention now.

  • Constant shifts in direction. The status of jobs and candidates can quickly change unexpectedly.
  • Emotional ups and downs. It's common to have things not go your way despite you doing everything you can on your end. They say that good and bad luck "even out." Does it really seem that way to you?
  • Distractions, distractions, distractions. The tools & technology you rely on (Smartphones, LinkedIn/Social Media, ATSs, etc) can suck you into Rabbit Holes far deeper and crazier than Alice in Wonderland.

If you have any other productivity obstacles you deal with, please add them to this list.

Ok, the real question is, "what can you do to move past your productivity obstacles?" I've created a free download called 15 Fast Hacks To Be A Highly Productive Recruiter to help you move your productivity in the right direction now.

I hope this helps in your success!

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